Advocating for people with disabilities

The Junior Miss Wheelchair Maryland pageant provides young women the opportunity to develop and/or strengthen all-important life skills such as self-advocacy, self-confidence, and networking. It is a pageant unlike any other. It’s hallmarks are those of achievement, advocacy, and opportunity. Contestants are not faced with the added pressure of being judged on their physical appearance.

During your reign as Junior Miss Wheelchair Maryland you will lead by example. You will strengthen public perception toward disability among your peers whether within your school, workplace, or the community. You will also have the opportunity to serve as a mentor to others.

When you compete for Junior Miss Wheelchair Maryland, you join a diverse group of young women from all “walks” of life. You are judged on whether you are a high school graduate, a student, or just trying to “find yourself.” Neither does it matter if you were born with your disability or acquired it later in life. If you are a young woman between 14 and 20 years old, a resident of Maryland, and use a wheelchair for 100% daily community mobility, you could become the next Junior Miss Wheelchair Maryland. The main ingredient is the desire and commitment to educate, empower, and set an example for others.

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