Advocating for people with disabilities

thumbnail_20181110_213942Dara Branford of North West, DC was crowned Miss Wheelchair District of Columbia 2019 on November 10, 2018 at the Rockville Hilton.

Ms.Branford became Ms. Wheelchair District of Columbia after a full day of competition which included workshops, private interviews, and a platform speech. She will now serve as District of Columbia’s titleholder for one year and will prepare to represent and compete in the Ms. Wheelchair America 2019 pageant in Little Rock, AR, on July 1 – July 7, 2019.

The Ms. Wheelchair District of Columbia and Ms. Wheelchair America organizations do not judge beauty. Instead, the Ms. Wheelchair District of Columbia and Ms. Wheelchair America organizations focus on advocacy and recognizing the free spirit and accomplishments of women who use wheelchairs.

Throughout her reign, Ms. Branford will serve as a spokeswoman throughout the state where she can discuss awareness, acceptance and the overall understanding of disabilities with the general public. She will have the opportunity to travel across the state, visit advocacy groups, make public appearances, including possible parade appearances,
and is available to conduct interviews.

Ms. Branford will also use her year as Ms. Wheelchair District of Columbia 2019 to share her platform: Communicate, educate, participate, and feel great! With her platform, she plans to encourage and foster open communication between individuals with and without disabilities. Ultimately, she hopes to highlight and raise awareness about the value and talents that individuals with disabilities can bring to society. She believes that everyone has unique abilities and wants to encourage others to embrace their strengths, participate in their communities, and reach for their dreams.

Ms.Branford uses a wheelchair for mobility due to her illnesses. She, however, has not let these circumstances stop her. Ms.Branford lives life to the fullest and aims to shine a positive light on disabilities. Through advocacy and education, she sets an example for other individuals who also use wheelchairs for mobility.

Prior to her becoming ill in October 2015, Branford had just begun her first year in college, fall semester, at MCC. Currently she resides at home with her mother and fur baby, trying to keep herself occupied by doing many things. Such as, drawing, reading, painting, learning languages, making videos, singing, and much more. She was very active before becoming ill, and would love to volunteer at Turkey Thicket Rec. Center, FedEx Field, and working or the National Ballpark. Still high spirited as ever, she continues to make the best of whatever she puts her mind too, and does it wholeheartedly and with a smile. She looks forward to talking and sharing her story with other, spreading a message of loving yourself, being who you are, and growing confidence. She is excited about her reign and is available for appearances.

If you would like more information about Ms. Wheelchair District of Columbia or to schedule an interview with Dara Brandford please contact her coordinator by phone at 240-426-7504 or email at

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