Sharonda traveled to these breathtaking events from Fort Washington, MD to Baltimore, MD by cab, and she said she would not have missed these two (2) awesome events for nothing in the world. It was less than two (2) days, when she learned of the event, and when she was informed by Ms. Janice Jackson of the nature of the event, she immediately contacted her personal cab driver Muhammad, and she was driven to the front door. Sharonda arrived at the Catonsville Community College around 7:30 A.M., and stayed until 5:00 P.M. The Queen for a Day and the Women’s Expo are annual events. W.E.A.N. has volunteers to come out and pamper the women with disabilities, and the queens get their hair, nails, and makeup done, while enjoying breakfast, lunch, and snakes in between. During the event the women are entertained with music, and this year they had a guess come in and show them how to dance, while remaining in their wheelchairs. It was a total of 25 women, and after their makeovers, the women were lead over to the college gym, by Ms. Wheelchair MD. Sharonda spoke encouraging words to all of the women, after they were crowned with their tiaras and sash, and some of the vendors gave the women gifts. Sharonda said, “It is just so amazing how the little things can mean so much. The smiles on the women faces were worth a million dollars each.”