I was invited to share my current title and about the Ms. wheelchair Maryland organization by the director of Women Embracing Abilities Now (W.E.A.N) at an fundraising event on December 15th. It was my pleasure to meet a courageous group if men forming the group League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Services (L.E.G.S).

This brotherhood has four missions: First, to mentor male individuals of all ages that have a disability that is similar to the members of L.E.G.S. Second, to do outreach endeavors to promote a cure for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Third, to network with other organizations and entities to help themselves and the other organization achieve the mission sought after (By networking with other organizations and entities, it improves the effectiveness in accomplishing the organizational goals). The fourth mission is to educate the public, especially the youth, concerning people with disabilities. They are committed to improving the image of men and women in society with disabilities.

Everyone was welcoming and the atmosphere at this fundraising event was fun and free-spirited. Ad I observed the room as everyone seemed to be enjoying the live band S.L.A.GZ and the dinner that was served. It was a nice night to partake in.