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Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014, Shani Watson

A native Washingtonian, Shani graduated from Eastern High School and completed her Bachelor of Science in Management at the University of Phoenix in 2001.

 Having an interest in law enforcement, Shani worked as a civilian Secret Service employee. She also satisfied her interest in medicine by serving in the Army Reserves as an Operating Room Technician at Walter Reed Medical Center for two years. 
Shani joined the Washington Tae Kwon Do club where she learned the traditions and the techniques of the hand and the foot. Her athletic ability and keen understanding of Tae Known Do allowed her to become one of the lead Kick Boxing Aerobics Instructors within the Tae Robics Fitness Program. She then went on to become an independent Group and Personal Trainer.

Having the desire to help people on a greater scale, Shani joined the Prince George’s County Police Department as a Police Officer. While on the Department she developed relationships with citizens and the business community. She embraced the Prince George’s County community and saw a need to create a teen girls support group that focused on self esteem, the importance of education, and decision making skills.

Unfortunately, Shani was involved in a car accident while on duty and her police career was cut short. Despite being in a car accident that has left her unable to walk, Shani continues to be a proponent of maintaining a healthy and balanced mind, body, and spirit. She strives to strengthen the esteem of men and women while erasing stereotypes. Currently Shani is a IT Project Manager for the Prince George’s County Police Department.

On May 7, 2011 Shani was presented with the Official Washington Tae Kwon Do Club’s Black Belt and bestowed the rank of Cho Dan. In addition, May 7th was proclaimed as Shani Watson Day in recognition of Shani’s commitment and dedication to empowering men and women and the sacrifice she has made as a Police Officer.

She continues her fitness routine by boxing, exercising and immersing herself in a positive lifestyle. She is committed to shining a light so everyone has the opportunity to expand the possibilities for their life.
This has led Shani to create IamShani LLC, a health and wellness company that encourages all people to live an active life. IamShani also has an advocacy arm where accessibility and inclusiveness issues are addressed.

3 Responses to Congratulations to Shani Watson, Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014

  • Shannon Minnick says:

    November 4, 2013

    Dear Ms. Wheelchair Maryland Guest:

    What a success! The Ms. Wheelchair Maryland Organization has presented the 43rd Consecutive Ms. Wheelchair Maryland Pageant. I, Shani Watson, was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014.

    On behalf of the Ms. Wheelchair Maryland Organization, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for your commitment to making this event so successful. It was the vision of the Executive Committee and the Planning Committee to inform, entertain, and provide a networking forum for our participants and guest in a pleasant, comfortable environment. Your presence and contribution helped make our vision a reality by helping to offset the cost of holding the Ms. Wheelchair Maryland pageant in an environment as beautiful and professional as the Hilton of Rockville, Maryland.

    Our guests encourage our contestants throughout the year. Ms. Wheelchair Maryland Organization recognizes the dynamic partnerships and applauds the great job you are doing. We also appreciate the support you give to the Ms. Wheelchair Maryland and look forward to working with you throughout the year.


    Shani Watson,
    Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014

  • Amya Mackall says:


    I’m so glad you decided to run again. With your determination and positive attitude you won and now are Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014! I know you will make the organization proud. As your fellow Ms. wheelchair Maryland sister and friend know I m here to help you every roll of the way.

    Patrina Franklin
    Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2013

  • Nancy Carey says:

    Congratulations Shanti! Sorry I missed your “shining” moment. Since my sister, Cathy Porter, Ms. Wheelchair MD 2007, took the crown it has been an endless involvement with the Ms. Wheelchair America program in two states – Maryland and Virginia.

    Your accomplishments are amazing and I am proud that you are representing my home state of Maryland. Hope to join in on some of your events this year.

    Nancy Carey

    FYI … Kanika Davis was crowned Ms. Wheelchair VA 2014 on March 15th. As a board member, it was an honor to see another women prove that disabled does not mean unable!!! Check out her “shining” moment at http://www.mswheelchairva. com

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